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Biometric Fingerprint Identification to Boost Immunization in Developing Countries

Scheduled for 2020, the world’s first extensible, biometric fingerprint identification program will provide children from one to five-years-of-age with a digital ID linked to...

U.S. Marshal Delivers Message of Hope for Child Abductions

Written by Veronika Bradley, Editor for Children's Health and Safety Association – June 23, 2013 and Republished by Diligencia Investigative Reporting – April 2019There are...

Biometrics – Preventative Measure for International Parental Abductions

"This story will never have a fairy tale ending.  Parental abductions are synonymously sad from beginning to end even if your child is returned...

Amber Alerts – Important Advice for Parents

Written by Veronika Bradley, Editor, Children's Safety Association of Canada – August 28, 2012 and Republished by Diligencia Investigative Reporting – April 2019I can't...