Chinese Parents Can Sue Neglectful Children


    I was captivated by your beautifully written article Veronika. It is indeed a great sadness to the world when parents and grandparents are abandoned. There is no such thing as the “self-made” man or woman ~ we all stand on the shoulders of giants that have been before us, lifting us to new heights.

    As a lawyer, I know that in Ontario, adult children have a legal duty to help support their parents if their parents are in need and if the adult children have the means to contribute. Far beyond this legal responsibility though is the importance of family, of love and continuity. I cook with great pleasure to help ensure my beloved father-in-law is well cared for. We speak daily and visit often. One of my happiest moments was after Sunday dinner this week when my son told me there is no one he would rather spend time with and how much he treasures our family dinners together.

    When we “invest” our most precious resources of our love and time in our children, parents and grandchildren, the blessings we all receive light our world.